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Blue Skies

Lean Start Up

Validate your vision and create a roadmap to success

Our 2 week intense partnership gives you access to our tools, knowledge and talent base so you can drive success for your new venture

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Whats The Cost?

How Does It Work?


What Do You Get?

Two weeks of intense 1:1 workshops

Personalized coaching for up to 3 months

Access to all Fabrik Labs content, frameworks and trainings

Hands on research, business and product strategy support

A finalized customer journey map, a validated LEAN canvas and a beta and MVP product roadmap

Full access to our low and no-code library of tools to help you build your digital footprint

We work together for 2 intense weeks to create a product and business roadmap, driven by voice of the customer, market research and the overall industry needs.

This foundational program will guide you on a path to success at scale for your new business

What Else?

Understanding the problem space and your customers real needs before you build your product significantly increases your chance for success.

Lets work together to make you and your business successful.

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today.

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