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Fabrik Labs: Building the New Paradigm of Venture Activation and Development

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Launching a new venture is a complex undertaking, and the ecosystem is filled with numerous players offering their own models to attract and support the next generation of entrepreneurs. Many early-stage ventures get their start in incubators, which range from smaller, less-known accelerators and university programs that offer mentoring and support for little to no equity stake; to highly-selective and well-known hubs like Y-combinator, which take a sizeable equity stake but provide funding, resources, connections, and the blessing of a known brand in the venture world. Most of these startup incubators operate on the portfolio model, similar to venture capital firms: they select promising startups, invest seed money, and take an equity stake in the venture.

At Fabrik Labs, we are reshaping the new venture landscape by introducing the venture activation and development model, which aims to help new and experienced entrepreneurs build the activation energy needed to launch a venture. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to our concept of venture activation and articulate how our distinctive approach, elaborate support system, and unwavering focus to entrepreneurs’ success set us apart from the traditional venture incubators.

First, some background: we’re excited by how macro trends in the global economy over the past 3 years, from COVID, to the great resignation, to tech layoffs and return-to-office efforts have facilitated shifts and new opportunities for entrepreneurship. Indeed, the data show that increasingly knowledge workers are leaving full- time jobs and moving into fractional employment and entrepreneurship. For many–if not most–of those knowledge workers, there is a noticeable gap in the support and resources availed to these budding entrepreneurs as they seek to launch new ventures. The result is that many great ideas die on the vine, because so many people are unsure, and at times unsupported, in their quest to build a new business.

Now, onto why Fabrik Labs is different:

1. Approach: Most venture incubators and development firms, like Y Combinator, are highly selective. They place a series of calculated bets on ideas, provide seed-stage cash to several entrepreneurs, and acquire an ownership stake in return. At Fabrik Labs, our goal is to aid entrepreneurs in evaluating the worth of their concept(s), while maintaining their ownership rights, and helping them build their minimum viable products in the most efficient way possible. We believe in empowering creators and offering them the tactical and strategic guidance they need to develop their ideas, often to get them to the venture incubation, accelerator or VC stage.

2. Support: At Fabrik Labs, we understand that funding is just a small part of the new venture journey. We offer extensive, tailor-made coaching, provide access to critical resources, and facilitate an active community of experts who collaborate and provide mutual support as they move through their ideation and development process. Unlike the 'survive-or-die' approach in much of the venture world, we want to ensure that all new entrepreneurs have the opportunity to move their ideas forward. We're dedicated to equipping them with all the necessary support to help them scale up their ideas efficiently and effectively, or to help them fail fast and move on if the idea is not viable.

3. Focus: We are particularly fond of working with industry veterans and experts who bring years of experience but may not know how to kick-start a new venture. Too often, the venture world focuses solely on the success of the venture, and overlooks the growth and potential of the individual behind it. Fabrik Labs is committed to fostering the success of these entrepreneurs, aiding them in building their capacity to swiftly develop innovative products.

Fabrik Labs Activation Framework

Fabrik Labs is charting a new course with our approach to venture activation, and we’re much more than a venture development or incubator firm. We are a partner, a coach, and a community committed to empowering entrepreneurs. We celebrate the innovative spirit of all entrepreneurs, from seasoned industry veterans looking for a fresh start to enthusiastic newcomers with revolutionary ideas.

Join us at Fabrik Labs, and let's innovate, create, and succeed together. Keep an eye on this blog for more insights, updates, and success stories from the exciting world of venture development and incubation.

Welcome to a fresh, supportive approach to nurturing your entrepreneurial dream. Welcome to Fabrik Labs.


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