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to Fabrik Labs
for Entrepreneurs.

Are you thinking of trying to do your own thing? You're not alone. Join the legions of talented professionals with great ideas, and a desire to bring them to life. 

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How We Help.

Fabrik Labs is a Venture Activation Studio, a new concept in the digital startup ecosystem. We make concept creators into builders and turn ideas into reality.

We help by giving you the supporttools, confidence, knowledge and frameworks to take your idea and bring it to market. 

How We Operate.

Too many good ideas die before they get a chance to succeed. This happens because the current ecosystem is imbalanced, and there is a lack of support for those with a great idea but limited knowledge or experience of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We in Fabrik Labs close that gap by supporting all budding entrepreneurs so more ideas move forward and more entrepreneurs can realize their dreams. 


We will help you validate your idea and find market fit. We help you decide on the best path to launch - whether it be bootstrapping, incubator or VC. We give you the tools and frameworks to succeed and  most importantly, we make the journey fun and inclusive.

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Lets Break It Down Further.

Idea Exploration

We help you focus your ideas and concepts on solving real customer and market problems.



We conduct market research, interview experts and talk to future customers to create a product roadmap anchored on your customers.



MVP Launch

We partner with you to decide on the best path to launch - whether it be bootstrapping, incubator or VC.



Product Market Fit

We help you find market fit for your product based on industry opportunity and aligned with the true problem space.

A Better Way To Start
Your Business

The startup ecosystem can be exclusive and hard to navigate. We break down barriers to serve all those with an idea and to support them as they look to bring their ideas to life. 

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We have no entry requirements - all are accepted and welcome

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We take zero equity

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We use no code solutions to help you build with low cost

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We work with first time entrepreneurs with no prior knowledge of the industry


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Power Session

Two hour session to define your product vision and set you on a path to success


Lean Startup

Two week program to create a product vision, roadmap, business plan and go to market strategy

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Build and Go To Market

Three month engagement to help you define and build your prototype + MVP 

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