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Blue Skies

Power Session

Learn how to take your digital product forward

Our 2 hour power session demystifies the new product and business development process so you can thrive as an entrepreneur


Whats The Cost?

How Does It Work?


What Do You Get?

Two hour 1: 1 workshop to help validate your business/product idea

Personalized coaching for up to 3 months


Access to all Fabrik Labs content, frameworks and trainings

A initial view of your customer journey map, your LEAN canvas (business plan validation) and a path to creating your product roadmap


Full access to our low and no-code library of tools to help you build your digital footprint

We spend 2 hours of dedicated time together to work on your core challenges and to demystify the new business and product ecosystem

We give you the confidence, tools, knowledge and network to succeed and scale your business

What Else?

You will need to do some homework in advance so we can maximize our time together 

This is the foundational discussion needed to make sure you are solving a real problem and have what you need to move forward in an ever more complex start ecosystem

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today.

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